Saturday, November 20, 2010

35 days till Christmas

and this year I am getting organised... despite the hot weather we have had this week

Yes I have actually made some Christmas cards ready to go...

Yes I have bought some Christmas presents...

Yes dancing costumes are happening - 2 out of 6 done with the tiara and dangly earrings purchased for another.....

Yes Christmas lunch has been organised! A much quieter one this year YAY!!! No repeats of last year thankyou!

Yes I have managed to get some teachers presents sorted too (thanks to the Christmas fete!)

and so you see I am getting there :) :) :)

I know that the next few weeks are going to be soooo busy - Riss comes back beginning of December with a big belly and Ben and Monty :) Flossie is due 23rd December and I already have her Christmas present :)

Dance concert time too so things are getting busy with extra rehearsals etc started to be booked in sigh... This year I have the dressmaker making all the costumes - normally mum does most of it and I manage to do the basic parts of it but I figured I can spend my time doing other things and let someone else do it this year - prices are very good so why not!!!

Calendar is getting booked up....a few classes for Twiddleybitz at Smudge and Sparkles new store YAY!!!! A beautiful 12 x 12 easel with a church (wedding in mind!) and a stunning Christmas tree centrepiece for you Christmas table :) I taught this during the week and LOVED all the trees that were completed - from the stunning black red and cream tree to the glittery shimmery blue tree to traditional colours to soft pink and green - they all looked FABO!!!!!!!

Me been busy playing with some 7 Gypsies printer trays and Graphic 45 and new moulds and handmade embellishments.....just a sneak for you - will show you in a weeks time once I have the final touches on it...

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