Wednesday, October 14, 2009

WOOHOO Phew I did it again!!

Life never stops - even just for a minute does it!!

All sorts happening here atm and most of it great!!

Firstly I made the top 67 (??) in the Masters comp again this year - Looking at the list of ladies there is awesome talent in there and everyone is so good - it will be a hard choice to chose :) So roll on December and good luck for everyone :)

Twiddleybitz had our demo day today where I taught a lot of the Perth stores - met a lot of new people :) including some of our new DT for TBZ - great class - we had no probs whatsoever (always a good thing when you are cutting into canvas's etc!!) And everyone walked away with some gorgeous masterpieces!!! In their own style as well which I love :) ALso announced I am freelancing for stores - a few have taken me up already which is great - Just Scrapbooking has opened up my class for November which is already filling up fast - will post details later - nearly time to collect Jess!

Some awesome new releases too - will be back with photo's

Poop - just checked the time - need to run and get Jess from dancing before sitting down tonight and working out a 20+page quote with specifications for sealing with the Gorgon project up North.


:) Tiff said...

Yours was the first name I looked for on 'that' list. I'm so chuffed you are on it. THIS IS YOUR YEAR!!!. Do ya reckon you can fit it all in. You have a very full and rich scrapping life atm. Go girl

nuttyscrapper said...

Yeah MEL !!!!!!!!!!

Fingers toes and every thing crossed that this will be your year !!!!!!!!

Tiff Sawyer said...

Hey Mel - WOOOOOOHOOOOOO for making the list, best of luck for the final 10, what a feeling that would be............ (I am daydreaming now LOL), love Tiff other hehe (Tiff Firth is Tiff & I'm Tiff other, a lil joke we have going).

sandra said...

Wow you are a busy girl!!
Congratulations for making it into the short list for the masters!!
I will have everything crossed for you in December.
You totally deserve to be Master.
And good luck to you too 'other' Tiff.

LOL Word Verification is 'Focke'
that is what I will be saying if you don't get picked!!

Angela said...

WOW! so so happy for you! I have every confidence that it will be YOUR year! congratulations!!

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