Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sneak peaks for my BOM class

I promised I would try and pop some sneak peaks up for the ladies in my BOM class so here you go - hot off the press so to speak hopefully this week we can start scrapping some pages!!!! The covers and albums are looking fan-bloody-tastic!! LOVE them :)

Birth announcement....

Otherwise we have been busy here...... Can't believe it is already the end of week 7 at school. I think I worked out last night we have something major on every weekend until the last weekend in MAY!!!!! I think I need a holiday!!!!!

Speaking of which instead of going to Bali we are looking at going to Queensland with girls - do the theme parks etc...just need to work in the time etc and plan it!!

Birthdays galore are coming in April throw in Easter as well and you know why I love May! - Our schedule goes something like this....

1st Bear's birthday
2nd - Chionia & Toms BD
4th Chionia's fairy party
6th Gary and Helens BD
10th-13th Easter
17th Riss's BD
18th - Jessica's and Fraser's BD
25th Telia BD

and I am sure I have forgotten someone!!

ok must fly - I have a clock crackling its paint I hope so need to organise the next step in that process. Gary has gone down for a hit of the driving range with Tom Jess and Bianca - I piked out and staying home with Chionia who just needs a little bit of quiet time I think - she was up early today - not good when you have been out partying the night before...!!!

Take care all :)

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:) Tiff said...

You are one amazingly busy chick esp for the month to come.

cant wait to see some more of the BOM.

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