Sunday, March 22, 2009

Shark Dive photo's!!

lol before I forget again!! Just for you Carol Gary and his shark dive at AQUA a few weeks ago - a christmas present from SIL :) The photo's are not the best - it is either too dark down there and you get the flash bouncing off the underwater tunnel or just murky.....Anyway an awesome idea for a present for someone :)

and Jess being brave and holding the starfish in the touch pool for the other kids :)

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Jenneke said...

Hello Melanie,
I happened to visit your blog,(don't know how I came here, lol) and saw your layout about Leidschendam. I had to smile when I read your story about the time you were living in Holland. About the tall and skinny houses, and most of all about the traffic lights for bikes!!! Haha, so that is what people remember most of Holland? And that it's flat. As flat as a pancake, lol
I love living here! One of the things I don't like is the weather. Today it is rainy and cold, again!!! We are longing for the summer!!!!
Nice to have met you this way!
Lots of greetings from Holland,

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