Monday, March 2, 2009

Phantom, Drallion, TBZ sneak peaks and a long weekend!!

A busy busy weekend - Took Jess to see Phantom of the Opera on Saturday as Gary didn't want to go and OMG it took my breath away - we were only a couple of rows from the front of the stage and the detail in everything was just phenomenal. I absolutely loved every little minute of it as did Jess!!! Would go again in a heartbeat if I had a chance!!

Sunday was Drallion day with Cirque de Soleil - I must say I didn't enjoy it as much as I thought I would have - don't get me wrong - it was stunning but we have been to every one so far and perhaps it was cause we knew what sort of things to expect. Also I loved Phantom more so perhaps a bit of both! Chionia came along to her first show as well and behaved through most of it - she got bored towards the end but that was just her attention span saying enough!! hehe One of the clowns before the show started discovered gary's pony tail.... held it up and pretended it was his moustache - the clown then went away and came back with his mate and a pair of scissors and a bandaid lol!!!

SIA is coming up and TBZ are in full mode - can't say much about it but OMG their new stock is fantabulous!!!!!! Nic came around on Friday night to drop off some bits and pieces so make up for SIA and I have had sooooo much fun this weekend inbetween concerts!! Here is a sneak peak or two!!!

Long weekend here so apart from Chionia waking up at the crack of dawn due to falling asleep last night at 5pm we are relaxing this morning and some more scrapping and then perhaps once Gary is home from work at lunchtime we may go to the beach - after a few hot sticky days it appears to be a bit cooler today..!

Take care all :)


carol.thompson said...

Oh my god, cant wait to get some of the new TBZ stuff....Picked up a few bargains at S2D4, all TBZ stuff ... and a clear album at 40%
discount....Oh I do love a bargain !!! But have a few things tro finish up b4 I start a new project....Looking forward to the new DT kit for March.....Will catch up probably 2morrow...
Take Care

Sherry - It's A Scrapper's Life! said...

Awesome Mel.. I cannot WAIT for SIA, I am so excited to finally be meeting Nic and Andrew!!!

Renee Dowling said...

Hi Mel,
I'm not going to the SIA's - so please send me more than a sneek peek!!! I'm so impatient , LOL and can't wait to see the full picture!

Felicity said...

Stunning work lovely.

Leonie said...

Hi Melanie- its Leonie-
I FINALLY worked out how to contact you!
I'm internet challenged being from the farm an' all!!
thanks for your message- SO sorry SO STupid!- didnt think- have pulled it off the blog.
Your welcome to contact me anytime at
Our dial up internets gone weird the last few days, somethings really wrong with the line- our local bank couldnt open coz it had no phone line!! Hopefully all will be well soon.
have a fairy happy day
cheers leonie :-)

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