Sunday, December 21, 2008

Dancing is officially over for the year phew!!

Don't get me wrong - the girls love dancing and the concerts are brilliant I am just glad it is all over and done with!!! The last few weeks have been so busy with all the extra rehearsals - add to that the costumes, making sure we have everything from the shoes (x 3 different sorts), stockings that don't have holes in them (including fishnets), outfits, hairdo's and hair accessories - add to that Chionia danced for the first time this year and that equals lots of stress!!! As gary has said it is not Christmas - it is Stressmas!!

Anyway back to dancing - Chionia danced in her very first concert - she was going to either love it or hate it and dissolve into tears on stage.....she LOVED it!!! One big happy smile the whole time - she had 2 dances - a plum pudding and then a little bit later the fairy dance. She was so cute - at one stage she was towards the back of the stage and couldn't see us so she crept up to the front gave us a huge smile and kept on dancing!! I think she is hooked - there were a few tears the second night as I took off with Jess and Katelin to the second concert - the babies only dance on one night.

Jess as usual was in a few dances - first was rocking around the Christmas tree for Jazz and then change to ballet - mice - here she also did an extra little battle of the mice and got a wizzy dizzy by one of the older girls - her own little starring role! Backstage we then had to change 20 girls hairstyles from 2 buns to one bun - we actually sent home a note on the dress rehearsal requesting mums don't use too much hairspray to make our jobs easier!!! Next was the snowflake dance with nearly all the Grade 1 ballet girls upwards including all the seniors - beautiful with them all on stage in white tutu's! Lastly was her tap number - not sure what it was called but she looked pretty jazzy!!

End of the night are the main trophy presentations - here Jess once again got the trophy for Grade 2 Modern/Jazz for her group. THis is the thrid year in a row - it wasn't expected as such as we thought seeing she had won it the last 2 years that maybe it was someone elses turn but no it is based on exam results and she topped her year!!! GO JESS!! Katelin won the trophy for Grade 1 ballet and it was just gorgeous seeing the surprise on her face when her name was called out :)

So what else has been happening in our household apart from dancing - not much - no only joking - it isn't called silly season for nothing!

School has finished for the year and Jess did really well once more - smarty pants!! SHe got 3 A's - society and environment, science and art - the rest were all B's so she has done well this year :) Year 4 next year can't believe it!!! Chionia had her kindy orientation and just LOVES it - she can't wait to start next year - we even had a home visit by her teacher.

Work is busy - It never surprises me how people don't htink ahead - we are getting phone calls from people asking to seal their paving or pool etc in time for won't be happening - we are just tooo busy!!

A few bits and pieces of DT stuff - did a canvas which I just love the mini album BELIEVE is detachable and I will be filling it up with all the photo's of this year :)

And a Christmas ball!

I was lucky enough to do an all day class a few weeks ago sponsered by Printblocks - Lynnette Carroll came over from America (K&C DT member) and gave 2 of the 3 classes - Michelle from Printblock did the other class. I will take photo's of mine when I finish them as we didn't take any photo's on the day but here are Lynette's!

Well must make a move and start getting ready for Christmas here

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Nat said...

Hi, luv ya blog, please come check out what I have left for you on mine
hope to catch up soon, Luv Nat xx

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