Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I just had...

one of the best weekends of my life.

Words cannot really describe the friendships and laughs we had but I would do it all over again in a flash. All of you EB girls are just fantastic - we seemed to click right from the start and it was as if we had been friends forever. I am going to do a Jody and copy and paste what I wrote in EB lol

I can't remember the last time I laughed and cried so much. My cheeks were soooo sore from all the laughing (not giggling but full on tears rolling down my face - hehe Flick think of the rubon on my nose/forehead )

Never did I think that the weekend would be as fantastic or memorable as it was. One of the best weekends of my life and sooooooooooooooooooooooooo worth flying the 3500km to get there to meet you all (and the families and kiddies YAY!)


Flick - my roomy my pal! You are just so awesome - you went out of your way to collect us and run around - show us the scrap shops and liquor shops and nibbles etc. Brodie is just gorgeous - so funny and WOW at the Mario - has he got to level 5 yet?? MWAH MWAH MWAH you know

going to work my way around the table so I don't forget anyone lol!

Moya - lol once I got over the fact you had dark brown hair and not blonde you are hilarious - love your one liners and track of thinking Hope you made it back ok and not too tired from your sunday night shag FEAST!

Cat - you are exactly as I thought - just so easy going and it was like I had met you before - was thinking of you flying home thinking you would be home before I even landed rofl even though you left 90 minutes after me!

Susan - thanks for the wipes and the stamp loan just such a wonderful person you are - can't wait to see what you do with those stunning photo's.

Ang - you are more gorgeous and fun loving than I could imagine - awesome sense of humour and your girls are just beautiful and Coban sooo sooo sweet - just loved the kiss and cuddle he gave me when we met. Give them all a hug for me

Jo - My tall champers drinking buddy - Feel like I am repeating myself but feel like we got along like a house on fire and so loved being able to finally do a Cheers with you. Hope school goes well etc and yes my girls wouldn't let go of me either

Sonia - what do I say - from the moment you walked into scraptac and squealed and came running over to hug me - I felt like you were a long lost friend.... something connected.....will leave it there - will email you later

Meredith - as I said at the airport - you are a scream and fitted in to our little group like you were meant to be there. Amanda - you need to get her on msn so we can keep in contact.

Amanda - I remember sitting at the scrap table thinking omg - you are right here in front of me - something I never really thought would happen - I am soooooo glad you came and we finally met. I know how you feel..

Jody - how's that eye twitch going??? You are just divine - loved seeing your work irl. so detailed and you scrap so quickly deary!!!

Dee - what a crack up you are..... ladies whereever Dee sat she stole everyones mojo pmsl!!!! Thanks for the lend of inks etc - just love everything about you

Michelle - I know we haven't really talked or met before but you are so genorous in loaning all bits and pieces of your tools and little tidbits of info! Keep up the awesome work

Ruey - one person I was looking forward to meeting - you are just lovely - I remember chatting once to you on msn about Brunei and couldn't wait to catch up. Hope todays agenda went well and can't wait till you know what!

Clair Bear well I didn't pick up any photography tips but just love love love your work more so irl than in here and the mags - that yellow LO with the large a4 of Charlie just haunts me - I couldn't stop looking at it or dreaming of it - your kids are just beautiful and you are a pretty funky chick too

Tracey - right now every time I read a post of yours I will think of your accent and now know what you look like! Emma is so sweet and thanks for all your hospitality

Rach - what a rocking chook you are! pmsl - don't know how you kept going with all your drinkypoos and how your voice survived.

Kim - can't wait till you come to Perth in January. By then your big tummy will be gone and you will have your gorgeous son with you. Thanks for an awesome weekend

Dannii - I know you weren't at the retreat but sooo glad you made the effort to come out to tea to meet us all and then shopping the next day with your brood - Ashca is just delightful and Chloe and Gemma too!

Scrapping wise I didn't get as much done as I hoped I would.....something to do with me being not very organised and I had to keep searching for things in my bag.... will come back later with some photo's once I have cropped and edited them etc. Suppose to be doing some bookwork atm - yesterday was spent washing washing and washing as well as lots of tidying up - I think Gary appreciates how much work does get done here now lol

Thankyou all :)


Sonia said...

gee chook, strangely enough I just had the best weekend too!
thankyou so much for travelling so far to meet us! I am so glad I got to spend that extra time with you at Ange's etc! You are just gorgeous, and I agree, something clicked!
ARRRRRGHHH!!! :pmsl:

Riss Plackett said...

Great to hear you had a wonderful time Mel - you deserve it :)

silvercat said...

I'm so very very happy that you had such a great time....wished I could of been there too!

Riss Plackett said...

God you're so slow at updaing Mel, when's the next blog?!!!

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