Saturday, July 5, 2008

Head down and Bum up!

Is what I have been doing........

Boy - it has been busy and OMG I can't believe it is now less than two weeks before I am in Melbourne meeting all your scrappy chicks!!! Can't wait.

Got my hair done yesterday in prep for Melbourne - school hols have started so didn't have any more kid free time to attempt it seeing it takes 3 hours hehe! So for the retreat girls this is what I look like rofl!!

Been sooooo busy doing my masters stuff.. Absolutely love what I have done this year. perhaps a little bit over the top but I think it is me - busy and bohemian styled and loving it!! Can't show - fingers crossed you will have to wait 6 months pmsl or msn me!!

School is now officially in holiday mode - We did get school reports although the teachers union threatened it wouldn't happen - there would have been words and letters written if I didn't get one.......Jess had an awesome report - all B's apart from 2 A's for art and science and 2 c's for sport and Technology and Enterprise - her teacher is great too.

Work is good - loving being able to go out and just work as such but still trying to organise the house so it fits in with the schedule and I don't seem to be gearing up for the next work day....


Jason turned 19 and the next day wrote his dad's car off - oops....he is ok - hope he learns to slow down lol!

Maurs is up for another 2 chemo sessions and then 4-6 weeks of radiotherapy.....I guess they are just making sure the cancer has gone.......Nearly there.

Chionia had a birthday party today - Emily next door turned 4 - have waited for her to be big enough for this dress - LOVE it - Jess refused to wear it - didn't like the collar but it looked so gorgeous on Chionia

some photo's of the sky about 5pm last night - was hoping for a bit of a storm but nothing much eventuated here for us!

I know a few people have tagged me - I may remember to do it next time - not very good at them lol!

take care all :) until I meet you in Melbourne!!!


Anonymous said...

Love the do Mel!! look fabbo :)

Riss Plackett said...

Thanks Mel for all your advice this weekend. It seems to be working - Ben slept for 1.5 hours this morning, is asleep again now and also slept through the night! Wee hoo. Have fun in Melbourne I didn't finish that map for you but I will email one through. Are you flying to Tullamarine or Avalon?

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