Saturday, June 21, 2008

Just touching base.....

Been a very tiring week in this household. Bianca turned 21 last week so had a family get together last Sunday and the weather over the last few weeks has definately reminded us it is winter (although the last few days it has been sunny and 22degrees!!!) Anyway got home and Chionia started to get croaky. Well not too bad a night a few coughs etc but come Monday morning Jess decided she didn't feel well either so let her stay home. Tuesday both went to school/daycare and I shuffled off to work - 3 hours later I got a phone call asking me to come and collect Jess. I think she has been biting the candle at both ends lately and a bit tired. All fine as such Pick Chionia up and she had a great day :)

But what a shocking kept her and Jess home Wednesday. THursday she back to school all ok and Friday Chionia toddled off to daycare and had a great day. Jess however flaked it after her school excursion and came home early. Friday night I worked but as it was quiet as such and the computer was playing up got home at 11pm. ASleep by 11.45 pm to be woken up just after 1am with CHionia complaining of a sore ear. Well forget sleeping the rest of the night and boy am I tired - Gary let me have a sleep this arvo and ended up having 3 hours whoops! Chionia on antibiotics for a sore ear and is now in lala land and she has had some painstop and the SB's are kicking in lol.

So in all a tiring week full of sickies and some not so sickies........Now to catch up on a few things. So much to do and so little time - but taking tonight off and going to bed early so I can scrap all day tomorrow :) Have heaps to do including the most gorgeous twiddleybitz Princess carriage pumpkin album! If you have girls you have got to do one of these!!!! Also need to keep pluggin away at the masters tasks and a DT project to do......hand cutting I think this week rofl.......Will be posting a bit later in the day me thinks. hehe..

Will leave you with a few photo's from Jess's school excursion yesterday to Buckingham House - here they did all sorts of things and learnt a lot about the olden days lol bit scary when I can remember some of those things.....Will write a detailed brief later!!

Take care all :)

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Natalie said...

Hey sweet - gorgeous photos!

By the way - you've been tagged!

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