Friday, September 7, 2007

You take my breath away

A LO using a photo from Fathers day of Chionia. :) Buzz and bloom orders have finally all been sent out and posted. Thank goodness hehe.

Shop is finally moving tomorrow after having to repaint and clean the carpet etc in the new shop - New addy is

Unit 1 / 15 Capital Road in Malaga Ph (08) 9249 1303. Will be open Wednesday 12th - Please come and see us :) It is right next to the Caltex petrol station and opposite Macca's with the Malaga markets about 200 meters down the road.

Footy finals have started so I think there will be a bit of scrapping happening now! lol Take care all


Riss Plackett said...

I haven't forgotten about your banner Mel - just been flat out this week. Will do it!

amanda said...

this is stunning Mel. i really love this LO - it makes me gasp LOL.

Love the beach photos too!

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