Thursday, September 13, 2007

Sports Day - Tuart came ......

Layout removed so it can be published YAY!!!

SECOND! lol Best they have done for a while I think. Anyway Jess had a great day - she came third in her relay and throws and gotpipped at the post by two others for third in her running race. Look at the photo's and check out the competition - Jess was lol. Bought HJ's for lunch for her and we had a picnic at school. Got a bit sunburnt though even with suncream - what is summer going to be like? Jess complaining about the heat already omg~~

Shop has moved and opened in Malaga - I walked in on Tuesday to help out for a couple of hours and it had such a great vibe - very exciting - Nic and Jody have put in soooooooooo much work helping DI - It looks fantastic. Trying to do a few new LO's for opening day. Having fun just playing hehe

Better run - I have a dishwasher to unload and then reload as I hadn't pressed start properly earlier :( and a LO to finish and I am in here blogging lol!

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nahte said...

Jess did really well. Especially looking at the competion.

I agree what is summer going to be like? I'm turning into a winter person.


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