Monday, September 3, 2007

Happy Fathers day :)

A Wonderful Fathers Day - after an early start we went to Bears Rock and spent a lovely few hours at the beach - took about 200 photos lol and just love some of them. The girls had a ball playing and getting wet and fishing although I reckon they were too loud for the fish and scared them all off lol. Yummy roast for dinner and an early bedtime! Perfect day to spend as a family :)

Christmas - not far away - it is September now and before you know it it will be the end of term 4 ballet concerts etc and the usual madness that goes with it. So we have decided to take off YAY!!!!!!! We are heading down to Dunsborough and staying with mum and dad for a week before Xmas and then swapping houses to the GEo house down there just after Xmas - no rushing around Christmas day to visit every man and his dog - no late Xmas eve putting things together - just escaping and having a wonderful time - Xmas morning with the girls - heading down to the beach with one or two new toys - back for a late lunch early dinner with lots of yummy seafood and Xmas specials. Cocktail hour in the spa with nibbles and perhaps the annual cricket game in the paddock! lol So looking forward to it - time to spend as a family :) That is what it is all about :) :) :)

Must go and sort out the details for a boat we have just bought. Nothing is ever easy - it is in Florida!!!! Now to get it here hehe

Take care all :)


Kaysie said...

Love your pics...... GOOD JOB...

Missing you

silvercat said...

Mel your xmas plans sound perfect!!!

Love those photos....what cute girls you have!

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