Saturday, February 24, 2007


Hiya all!

Ok so over this mining job!

Well Gary finally took off on Thursday arvo after missing the flight at 5.30am due ot nephew sleeping in. - long story - don't need to go there again enough said! if he didn't hit the snooze button and was ready on time they would have made the flight - END OF STORY!!!!!

After several delays and bits and pieces they are now all in Newman for the next few weeks as long as they are back by the 16th I will cope! lol

Have been sooooo busy lately with all sorts of things - work, scrapping, school, life in general.

Did a huge overhaul of Jess's room today - love the end result - let's see if she keeps it clean - anyone want to make a bet?????? Me no!

Um - did a LO of the dinosaurs - very different for me as it wasn't a girly lo!

Other than that had lunch with one of the mums from school Vinnie! great time and must do it more often - can't remember the last time I had even a coffee with a girlfriend or even DH for that fact!!!!

OK time to put Jess to bed and get some scrapping done ;)!

Take care all!

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