Friday, February 16, 2007

Walking with the Dinosaurs

Well another week over and time is flying past! SO many birthdays this week so Happy Birthday to Bonnie, Keith, Rada, Di, Maree, Gabby, Emily, Kaiden and Mercedes! Busy doing some monograms for a few of the birthday girls

Anyway my exciting news................

hehe --- I have been asked to be a guest Design Team member of a scrapping online website - will announce who it is when I can ;). It will be in about 4-6 months time so perfect timing for me as all the mining stuff and mad april birthday month will be over!!!!! YAY!!!!! So excited about it! lol

THis week - as I said many birthdays - finally caught up with Peter and Maree and kids last night for Xmas! lol bit late. THe mining contract is still all over the place - the guys were suppose to start on the 12th but I wasn't sending them up there if noone knew we were coming..... So ODG got hold of us and the guys were booked to go up Monday but now it will be Wednesday - just hope they are back in time for my scrapping retreat in March. Can't miss that

Tomorrow we are off to Walking with the Dinosaurs at the Burswood. Mum and dad are coming up from Dunsborough and will be here just in time. Looking forward to it - Jess is excited and it is good that Gary can make it now due to the mining start being delayed - phew!

Last but not least a very good friend gave birth to a little baby boy on Wednesday - Valentines Day - she hung in there for the last 4 weeks with PE and has a few medical problems as such and we finally got to meet little Trevor as he is known at the moment (His big sister Hols calls him that!) 4 pound 14 and 41cm - name to be announced soon - a HUGE CONGRATULATIONS as I know how hard you tried to have him :)


silvercat said...

WhooHoo Mel!.....A very big congrats!!.......

Angela said...

Well done Mel. Totally deserving too!!!

Julie said...

Yeah on the dt spot.

Love the mongrams. They look great.

I got a phone call today about the wait list for the retreat was all set to go till I realised the date. My wedding aniversary. I would be shot I had of gone away. O

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