Tuesday, November 15, 2011

More recycling with ABC Primer :)

OK it is after lunchtime here and I have been trying to get this done since first thing this morning... forgotten school books and bowls for twitterbugs (don't ask = I have no idea - science project) and lost orders all = a bit of a chaotic morning :)

The last couple of months we have all been battling a flu/cough thing - when one person was getting better the next one came down with it which does help much in the creative department!! So using the new ABC Primer range of papers which I utterly love I decided to continue with my theme of storage etc for my desk!! Also continuing the recycle theme by using an empty tissue box and and old Prima wooden box I created some yummy storage for me :)

FOr the tutorial on how this is done - please head over to G45's blog (you can also check out a stunning printer tray by Robin too!) but here are just a few photo's to show you :) Enjoy

also just a wee bit excited - I am off to next years Escape 2 Create retreat :) Can't wait to sit back and chill and scrap and be with some good friends :) Phew was lucky - my registration for 2013 has been typed ready to go for next years registration!!

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HorseKrazee said...

I absolutely love these clever storage container remodels you have done. Amazing work.

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