Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Just clowning around :)

Busy times here - School holidays have come and gone and we are now into our final term of the school year in the lead up to Christmas which will be here before we know it :) Unfortunately I got the dreaded flu half way through the holidays which then meant a few boring days at home for the girls :(

But before that we did the Royal Show thing and we even caught the train into Claremont which was great but we were packed liked Sardines going home with nowhere to sit and tired feet. It didn't help that we had to change trains not just once but twice! Next time I will take the car hehe!

We then went to Dunsborough to check out mum and dad's new house - whilst it certainly isn't Views of the Bay (miss those coffee's on the balcony overlooking the bay) it is warm and cosy and we had a ball!!!!!! We are always busy when we go to Dunsborough and this time was no exception - lunch in Busselton followed by the 2km walk out to the end of the jetty which has just recently opened again - we even beat the tram back to the shore. Would you believe though that after walking all the way out there you could not buy an icecream at the shop!!!!!!!! Now there is a wasted opportunity if I ever saw one!!!!!

Next day was the flea markets in Busselton followed by a yummy lunch with the Curry Van - a wet and windy day so the curry went down a treat. Then we went to Wonnerup House to show the girls what it was like in the olden days :) Followed by a quick pitstop at Bunnings on a Sunday afternoon which then resulted in an hours wait for the RAC to come and jump start my car as the battery decided to go just like that!

THe first day there went and did the obligatory food shop for bits and pieces whilst staying at mum's and dad snuck in a packet of glow sticks for the girls to play with that night....unbeknown to me he had ulterior motives.....Out came his camera for some glow stick fun!!! The girls had a ball and Chionia was so excited that the next night she wanted to start early in the day - it all went sour after one of the glow sticks spilt on her hands and she had a panic attack lol! Check out dad's blog for the end result

Home again the next day and that night the flu visited the Forbes household again which then meant hubby caught it by the end of the week and Chionia has had a day off school as well... So over it atm - roll on summer and healthy times lol!!

Been busy with scrapping deadlines..Loving playing with Graphic 45's new ABC Primer range of papers.. Graphic 45 have also just released some sneak peaks of their newest range to be released next month - Tropical Travelogue - I can so see this with my Bali photo's - isn't it awesome!

Finished off several projects over the weekend for an upcoming article in Scrapbook Creations and projects for more G45 blog hops...keep an eye out for next week! But I do want to share with you my family of Clowns :)

I bought these in Bunnings a couple of months ago with the intentions of creating something.....and I took them along to the retreat Camp Mojo back in July on the other side of Australia. Well they lived on my desk and each night they got up to some naughty stuff so I figured that I had best scrap them and put a chastity belt on her!! The challenge for the day was creative stamping so after painting the clowns and decorating them with G45 Le Cirque range of papers (which are so bright and happy - love these!!!!) I decided to use the new G45 coordinating stamps to create clothes for them :) I love them - it depicts my lot lol hubby me and my girls :) I must say a HUGE big Thankyou to the talented Deb Godley for painting their faces - she simply made them come alive - there is no way I could have done anywhere near a good job :)

Naughty naughty Miss Sherry - do you know anything about this!!!!!!!!!!!

Hence her chastity belt rofl!

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