Sunday, July 31, 2011

Where to start!!

What a busy month - can't believe it is the last day of July already - Christmas will be here before we know it!!!!

OK - start at the beginning of the month so grab a coffee it is a long post!

Girls have had school holidays which unfortunately I came down with a head cold on the very first day which toned things down for the holidays lol! That still didn't stop numerous sleepovers, movies and friends :) We also got some great news on the teacher front - after not being given school reports nor a three way interview to discuss Jess's progress so far this year we have now got 2 permanent replacement teachers in the classroom for the entire term three with rumours this will continue until the end of the year. Reports will be redone and assessed and handed out at the end of August so it is a good step in the right direction :) I am though disappointed with the legislation in this matter where the children are not taken into account - the only way to change the process is to change the legislation - surely the children need have the support and encouragement to learn in an environment free from all the negativity we have had without it taking this long or fighting so hard for them...... School went back this week and we have had real homework for the first time since March and the attitude of the children in the classroom has improved out of sight - funny what the difference a good teacher or two makes!!!!

Anyway - lets move on from that. July also meant CHA and Camp Mojo for me :) CHA for those of you who don't know is one of the biggest Craft & Hobby Association's expo's in America and is held twice a year - it is THE place to go and see all the newest and latest releases......One day I may get there lol.....Anyway Graphic 45 always have the most magnificent stand and I was lucky enough to be able to get my projects to G45 in time to be used in their display!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!! I had a 2 day turnaround to create 2 projects (not enough time for more or I would have :( ) before posting them express back to G45.... silly volcano ash cloud held up my DT kit which on that note was beyond what I ever would have believed!! A Huge THANKYOU to Hampton Art, Spellbinders, Want 2 Scrap, (KEEP an eye out for some yummy DT work and blog hops in the next week!!! sshhh!), Clear Snap for yummy spritzes and Smooches , and Imaginarium Designs by our own Jane Tregenza G45 and Studio G - the box was chock a block full of amazing products on top of the new G45 Magic of Oz papers :)

Here is sneak peak for you of one of my projects - will show more once it has been shown on the G45 blog...

Chionia has been very busy too in the last month - when I got back from Brisbane show last month I had an email asking for her to come to try outs for Acro at her Gymnastics club - I also then got a letter from them asking her to try out for their squad teams in gymnastics as well - she couldn't do both though - too much time so we tried both and she has happily settled into acro squad 2 so much so she has now been entered into a state competition with her trio of girls at the beginning of September!! I think it is great for them to try and see what it involves - the other girls are more Jess's age so she is the baby of the group and is spoilt as such - great tuition with a handful of girls with 2 teachers and twice a week for 90 minutes has improved her fitness lol!! She is loving it :) Phew!!

What else!!!! Ahhh that's right - Camp MOJO hehe was held last weekend - a group of us flew over to Sydney last Thursday for 4 days of creative fun :) We arrived in the rain which did not stop for several days but the sun shine on our last day there! Bus driver had us worried going there - 2 hours into the trip he asked where we were going!!! So 3 and a bit hours later we finally arrived at Camp Mojo to the screams and yells that the WA girls had arrived rofl. We settled in with runs between our villa's and the hall due to the rain (which just kept coming and made everything extremely wet and damp) - so glad I took my coat!!!! The creativity side of it all was great - some wonderful people had booked into this camp - you could easily say some of the best scrappers in Australia - many masters and well known names :) The classes held by Jane Clark, Sherry Mendoza, Sarah Gladman and Rachel Greig from Darkroom Door were fantastic - particularly loved Rach's class on the last morning - also discovered her VIVA paints she carries are FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!! Must get some more - only got 6 whilst I was there rofl! The place itself though did disappoint me - sorry to say - the food was very hit and miss - the first night the steaks looked like a hacksaw had been used to cut them and quite a bit of it hadn't been cooked properly :( The desserts though were a winner and very well received :P Our villa whilst it appeared to be clean and tidy smelt overpoweringly of mould/must - even with the door kept open it gave us all headaches etc and things did feel damp..... :( I can understand it had rained a lot but it still was not healthy and many of us developed headaches etc.... maybe it was just our villa :( Photo time!!!!!! Keep an eye out in the next week or so for a mini album with these ;) Blog hop time with Want 2 Scrap and Graphic 45......

Shhhh but there are many funny stories from the retreat - such as my naked clowns who become corrupted whilst I slept hence Miss Sherry being shown one of them with her new chastity belt - and I must say a HUGE THANKYOU to the talented Deb Godley for painting the faces on my clowns and simply bringing them to life - you will see them all in a few weeks as it is one of my G45 DT projects for August but thought I would show a sneaky peak on one!!

Last but not least - Next week is the True Blue Craft Show at the Claremont showgrounds where Twiddleybitz will have a stand and I will be teaching 3 classes :)
If you see my last post you will find a number to call to book into my classes - if you do it prior to the show you will receive a bonus goody bag so why are you waiting!!
Classes for Craft and Quilt Fair - August – Claremont Showground

Twiddleybitz Early bird special – PREBOOK and Pay for your class and you will receive a FREE Twiddleybitz goodness package VALUE @$15

PH 08 9206 3667 Credit card Accepted over the phone.

Hope to see you there - pop by and say hi even if you can't do a class :)

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Marcy Smith said...

awesome blog post and wonderful daughter news. Mojo what can say....the whos who of the zoo all look like you had an absolute ball and the all the "clowning" around sounded hilarious!!! Thankyou for sharing that it was nice to get an insight! :)

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