Friday, July 1, 2011

Some metal magic

and these doorknobs are just the icing on the cake lol :)

One of our June assignments was to use the Metal door plate and knob - Now these are great fun - easy enough to alter such as mine here has been painted with Tim Holtz Dabber Sandal BUT the DT guys have been very clever and have created bangles and clocks out of them as well - now that is thinking outside the square!!! My altered book even has the tutorial of the blog if you wish to recreate your own version - I would love to see it - let me know with a link :)

Just love the Staples range by Graphic 45

I did notice a couple of questions in the comments for how to make an altered book on the Graphic 45 blog.

How do you get the remaining pages to stay together, and stay put? When I pop in the shadowbox I make sure there is sufficient glue holding it in - all edges are covered with a PVA glue. The remaining pages I tend to dab a bit of glue in between every 5- 10 pages - also by painting the edges of the book with a glue tends to help it stay together (I haven't done it with this book though - a bit slack at 2am in the morning lol!)

How was the chicken wire attached and finished so it had no sharp edges? AHHHHH hehe - it isn't real chicken wire - It is chipboard and is made by Twiddleybitz - GREAT product hehe no sharp edges!!! It also means you can simply glue it down to the page :)

and finally, how do you cut through so many pages and retain a straight cut? TIA
I simply cut using my craft knife and to begin with a metal ruler to ensure the edges are straight - if you look close enough at the tutorial photo's (blogger playing up!) you can see my edges are straight - but by holding the book half open and checking as you go your craft knife will generally cut fairly straight - be warned it took me just over an hour to cut out the shadowbox hole and had a sore pointy finger for a couple of days!!!

Brisbane - what a blast - I had the best time :) :) :) What a beautiful city despite the very hilly roads and a GPS that took us a different way to and from the convention centre every day!!! It was wonderful to finally meet Lisa and Jen and Tiff from the Twiddleybitz Design team - I reckon our stand was the best one there - if crowds were anything to go by we won hands down!!!! The Design Team did a fantastic job and all day every day all we heard were exclamations on various projects! I didn't take my camera :( so hopefully a few that did willl email me some copies and I will load them up for you.

I also got the chance to catch up with my sister and family - we spent the day pushing the pram up and down Paddington and visiting the antique centres (I so wish Perth had some like that here!!) Little Charlotte was just gorgeous and full of smiles despite being a catnapper!! And my Little Ben :) Hugs from Aunty Mel - you are growing up so quick!! :) Will post some puzzles once I get to them!!!

Nearly school holidays here - only a week to go and it can't come soon enough - hopefully things at school will settle down next term and the kids can get on with actually learning something.

I can hear dripping from the kitchen - meaning that it is raining inside - better go and get the bucket - we have had the wettest week in June for 6 years!! Lots of torrential downpours and storms come through - gutters just aren't coping despite Gary cleaning them all out a month ago :( Down south near mum and dads several mini tornadoes went through on Tuesday - check out dad's photo's here These trees are so old and beautiful - as my sister said the old toilet block will never be the same again!!


Nancy Wethington said...

Love this piece and that inside is magical!

genagirl said...

This is super cool! What have you used behind the large clockface on the left? Whatever it is, I love it!!!

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