Saturday, July 17, 2010

Rollercoaster holidays...

Wow - what a school holiday - we have been everywhere and tbh atm I am ready for a nanna nap lol.But that is another story involving keys and a garage sigh!

WE started off by taking off early in the Friday afternoon - picking Jess up from school on the way and headed to Mandurah to see Daddy :) as he has been staying down there with this contract (which we applicating today - phew. Beautiful spot on the canals and very cold.......

Gary ended up having the time off for various reasons so we watched movies went and saw the Dawesville cut and houses and drove around. Chionia didn't feel very well so we headed back to the house we have rented in Mandurah and she went downhill very quickly :( Jess managed to get her to have some Nurofen etc and she came good just in time for N & M to arrive for the night. All of us were homeward bound the next day..

Busy sort of week playing catch up and get ahead as we spent this week in Dunsborough seeing Gary was down south. So mum and dad planned a week full of craft things such as my gorgeous paverpol Doll - my Christmas Angel - she needs a few finishing touches from my stash and then I will be happy

Basically a Paverpol doll is like a statue - you can pop it out in the garden and it won't ruin it!! If you touch these dolls they are actually rock hard - Loads of fun and you will get your hands dirty - All up she took about 5 hours to make and will take up to a week to dry out....although she drove home from Dunsborough with me strapped into the front seat cause of her dangly threads at the front rofl!

The girls learnt all sorts! Chionia played with her new sewing machine and she even sewed a bag with a pocket on the front containing her Japanese Mesh Work which we all did. Jess made a paverpol doll, a stuffed robot and mesh a busy stay - also went for a drive to Hamelin Bay - what a beautiful spot!! And the drive home stunning as the sun was getting low. Dad has those photo's but....

Gary surprised us Thursday night by rocking up in Dunsborough unannounced to me or the girls although mum and dad were in on it! XX very special. Anyway he had to leave early so I packed things up and he went ahead with Jess. Weather was appalling driving to Mandurah where we stayed with Gary. Eventful night to say the least rofl.

Home today and still unpacking - I am over it between Mandurah and Dunsborough and Mandurah lol lost count! We are staying put!

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