Monday, July 19, 2010

Photo shoot time

When Riss was down south dad set up a temporary studio and let Ben control the remote for the camera - she got some priceless photo's and he had heaps of fun soooooo......when we went down Dad set it up for the girls :) About 400 photo's later and lots of jumping and hair flicking we got some awesome photo's....what a great idea!! The kids loved being in control and once it was set up it was so easy to let them run riot!!!


amanda hall said...

these are great Mel. Lots of scrapping inspiration there i am sure! I still love our mock photobooth shots!

The girls look like they had a ball. Brilliant!!

Anonymous said...

gorgeous pics.....looking forward to the LOs that follow :)

:) Tiff said...

rippa of an idea mate. pity my remote is not wireless. sigh.... but is giving me ideas to work around it!!!!

sandra said...

now that is a cool idea
The girls look like they had a ball and the photos look great!
Love the hair flicks!! hehe

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