Monday, February 9, 2009

Utter devastation....

it is almost unbelievable. The bushfires in Victoria atm are just so heartbreaking. Over 180 lives have been lost (and I am sure this figure will climb by another 100 at least) and hundreds of properties destroyed let alone the bush and wildlife that has been burnt. 5000 people are homeless It seems so incredible that people have survived when you witness the ferocity of the fires. I believe all the Forbes are safe which is good but so many more are missing.....what do you do? Pray and pray some more that they can control those fires and put them out so that people can get on with life and find those missing and start again.

I was going to post on Sunday but got caught up watching the horrific footage of the fires. So here you go - a couple of Twiddleybitz LO's - the class went really well on Saturday - they all had fun playing with coloursprays and learning new tips :) As I said if you have any questions on it so you can teach a class just holler!!

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