Wednesday, February 18, 2009


lol can't think of a title but we have been busy in the Forbes household lately!!

Last Saturday Keith (FIL) turned 80 so we had a little surprise party at Neil and Maur's - typical Keith style he snuck up the side of the house and sprung us in a roundabout sort of way hehe!! Anyway it was a lovely arvo/night with heaps of yummy food and best of all he loved the photo's I had put together - I spent most of last Wednesday editing and sizing photo's to put in a huge frame we got that morning and it looked fabulous - One photo I need to do at Harvey Normans as it was 11 x 14 inches - too big for my printer - got it all ready for Harvey Norman took it in early so I could pick it up on Saturday morning....go to get it and it is purple.....GRRRRRR - here he was trying to tell me that the white was purple. Paid for it, brought it home and it looked DISGUSTING against the beautiful beach scenes we had for the other 17 photo's so I printed out a much better A4 one, mounted it on some black cardstock and voila - will get another large one organised though.

Kindy is full time this week - YAY Chionia is just loving it!! Feels so funny to be dropping them BOTH off at school. We now have an issue with daycare but I am sure it will sort itself out as she gets used to her new weekly schedule!

Twiddleybitz class was a huge success - all students had fun playing with colour sprays, texture paste, gates, vine leaves and shadow boxes!!! So much so I believe a few of them are running them as classes in the next month or so!! Love it when people enjoy it as much as me :)

A few of the quick LO's I threw together at the last minute!! hehe

At Di's I am running a fortnightly BOM class or Book of Me ;) Tiff! hehe Each fortnight we will cover a new topic and by the end of it you will have a beautiful handmade book full of all those little details about yourself. I have designed it so you actually make the album itself as well. The pages are a smaller size so they aren't as intimidating to complete. Next class is Monday 23rd February 7-9pm - Here are some sneak peaks at how your cover will turn out (in your own tonings and colours!!)

This weekend Gary goes diving with the sharks at AQUA - the underwater observatory in Hillarys. LOL I couldn't do it!! But we will be there with video camera's to encourage him and Tom hehe!!!

Must run Take care all :)


:) Tiff said...

man u are one busy chook.

thanks for the little ;) in your post. i had to giggle.
I will never think of Beaurea of Met the same way ever again.

Did u use crackle to get the leather look on your BOM. looks so effective. what else did u use. reminds me of snake skin. LOL

Kuraman said...

Those pictures for Keith look brilliant Mel - I'm sure he loved them. Can't believe HN bollocksed up your big one. If you want a job done properly...

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