Monday, September 15, 2008

What a blast from the past.......and throw in some Dora too!!

Well what a week it has been....

The usual happening - school, dancing, work etc.......and we had a fairly easy weekend ahead we thought lol!!!!

Saturday BIL calls up and asks us to come around to watch footy - can't do as my parents were coming up to stay the night as we were off to Dora the Explorer concert the next day. Anyway it was decided that they would come here instead along with Helen..5pm rocks up and they turn up with a friend in tow. Unbeknown to us Gary's cousin whom he hasn't seen in over 35 years had come over for a surprise visit from Melbourne and had just been picked up from the airport. Sandra is gorgeous and omg you can sooooo tell they are all related! Helen was in tears, lots of reminiscing and laughs and a late night.... Neil and Maureen put on a roast yummmmmm the next day- it ended up being a drunch - lunch/dinner lol as we were late due to the Dora concert

Now for those of you who know Miss C she just loves loves Dora and Boots and Swiper and Map and Diego etc from Nick Jr. Yesterday she went to her first ever concert and didn't want to leave. It was fantastic - I had only taken Jess to Hi5 concerts and they were at the concert hall before this - I reckon there was over 2000 excited kids and parents and grandparents there yesterday and with 3 shows a day it is very popular - CHionia actually fell asleep driving there and on the way home - too much dancing and walking in the city after!

Me - busy week scrapping wise - Twiddleybitz are just finalizing their Christmas range and boy it is fun. Here are a few sneak peaks of some stuff I had to do for adverts for them lol..

Also last weeks DT LO - spring clean - guess what I am actually attempting today after this lol!!! The new Rose Moka papers are just beautiful!! Love working with these

and then this week I decided to dress one of these Maya rd Houses - they are about 20cm tall. Chionia got some magnetic dolls and dresses which came in what I thought would be a great carry bag - how wrong was I and how perfect a fit are the dolls inside this house - once again using the Rose Moka pp :)

Lastly Chionia started swimming earlier this year and is doing fantastic - she can now swim by herself just lol - anyway State Swim have been runnign a comp the last 12 weeks where you had to get your card stamped 12 weeks in a row and you enter the raffle for a Wii console and sports game - guess who won it?????

better run - upstairs is calling.......not......ok well maybe!!


Sherry - It's A Scrapper's Life! said...

Hey Mel, hope you are well..looks like you have been having lots of FUN!!!.. omg I want WII too the layouts and work are gorgeous as always...don't you just LOVE LOVE the new Twiddley Christmas trees!

Take care
Sherry xxx

Sherry - It's A Scrapper's Life! said...

Hi!! ... you have been tagged.. go to my BLOG for instructions!

Anonymous said...

Download newsletter_issue_22.pdf dont know if this will work...but let me know...
From Carol

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