Thursday, September 4, 2008

I did it :)

I made the Masters Top 50 :) :) :)


now the long wait till end of Nov.....


so exciting to be doing it all again - last year it was the top 100 - this year they narrowed it down to the Top 50 so we have a 1 in 5 chance of becoming one of SM's new masters :) :)

It is funny - those around me have told me - no prob's Mel - you will get the call but until you do it is still an uncertainty! Big sigh of relief and shaky hands lol - yesterday I read a post from Cassie in the SM forum saying phone calls will be made VERY soon so had an inkling it may be this week or next.... Silly me left my phone at work yesterday didn't I so had to drop Jess off at school then fill the car with petrol, stop by the PO Box and then went to Di's - checked for messages and missed calls and noticed one from Sydney at 8.43am. Checked the messages Yes it was SM could I please call Kathryn back (one thing - why did Kathryn call me and seems like everyone else had Cassie ring them???) anyway called her back and got through straight away with a congrats!! Now to pack it up and post it to Sydney before the 17th - now from WA that could take two weeks so better post it off tomorrow me thinks!!! Fingers crossed for me :) and a couple of others I know who have made it through. For those who did enter but didn't get the call - don't dwell on it - I bet the stuff you did is fantastic and if you are like me - love what you did and tbh that is all the really counts isn't it :)

Back to reality now :)
An example of the sketch challenge we have for Outwit Outcreate and Outscrap at Scrapbooking to Di for - check the blog link on the side for more details :)

Anyway I am off to start packing my entries up :)

Ciao :)


Julie said...

That is great news Mel about getting into the top 50. I was speaking to Kat the other day and she said your stuff is gorgeous.

Natalie said...

well deserved babe

really really proud of you!


Angela said...

Congrats again Mel. You deserve it. :)

Anonymous said...

Wonderful news, though not deserve it Mel...
Your stuff is sooooo gooood !!!!!
I have learnt so much from all your little helpful hints....
So thankyou, and Congratulations !!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Mel...You are an inspiration to me as well your selection is well deserved.

Anonymous said...


You know how I feel about your work!

Glad to be sharing this journey with you!


Dee Molina said...

Yay smelly melly!!!! well done chook!!!!!

Bev said...

Congrats Mel!! Well deserved. You are a master at what you do. Thanks for being such a great teacher.


Rachel said...

Congrats Mel, that is awesome news - can't wait to see you featured in the Masters issue!


Anonymous said...

A huge congrats deserve it!!...your work is lovely!!!!

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