Saturday, August 30, 2008

Good morning all :) :) :)

poor blog has been a bit neglected lately - just lots of stuff happening as per usual in this household. BUT for today there is nothing planned except Aunty Maureen and Uncle Neil will be taking the girls for the night so we have a night alone (what is the bet someone rocks up...... ;) )

Jess had open night at her school this week -- unbeknown to us I think she must of asked half the family to turn up as Mum came up from Dunsborough and Uncle Neil came too - Maureen did want to some but had been sidelined in hospital with a lung infection this week. Bianca also called but couldn't meet up with us. Jess is a great student - must have my brains shhhhh....... her work is beautiful and neat and hardly any crosses at all - seems like yesterday that she was in kindy just starting out. Funny - I babysat Fiona's kids Tuesday night while they went out to dinner and did Callum's reading homework (yr 1) with him - you forget how far them come in such a short space of time.

Chionia has become a bossyboots lately - not sure if it is something to do with daycare as she is one of the youngest in her group but I can't wait for this stage to be over..........her and Jess have a love hate relationship atm - one minute they play just beautifully and melts your heart - the next they are pulling each others hair and saying things I don't like hearing.. another stage I can't wait for them to outgrow.

Lots of work done on the boat - it has been stripped right back and now Gary is at the point where he is starting to redo all the inside etc. We worked it out the other day the tank is 1000Litres - fill it with Diesel at $1.80 per litre and it will be costing us nearly $2000.00 to fill up - I wonder how far that will get us!

Me - well what mum isn't busy. Apart from the usual running around you do I have caught up with my paperwork finally - the best I have been in years.... still not perfect but it is almost there. Hence not much scrapping from me but I plan on doing some today.

Took the girls to the beach just down the road last weekend and got some awesome photo's if I don't say so myself :P

Gary has been fishing the last couple of weekends and has actually caught fish!!!!! Look at this haul he got - yumm the dhufish was melt in your mouth - he can go fishing if he catches more of them!

Also have started an awesome comp at work - set up a new blog for Scrapbooking to Di for with all the details. Check out the link on the side bar (cause it never works when I add it to my post!)

AND I have a kit out that I designed - I hope you all like it - here is what you can make with it :) sshhhhhhh they are suppose to be sneak peaks ;) You can get it at 3Angels Scrapping (link to the side!)

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