Monday, May 26, 2008

Just busy!!!

Lots happening in the Forbes household over the last few weeks. MOthers ay was great - we ended up going to Mawsons Park about 10.30am and left and 3.30pm - the girls had a ball even though the playground was fenced off we kept them entertained with the swings, bocce, cricket, football, feeding the ducks and mucking aroudn with the Forbes crew :) Good to be back together as a family group again!!

Other things - the girls keep us busy - Monday is baby ballet for Chionia, Tues is tap and Jazz for Jess, Wed is Ballet for Jess, Thursday is swimming for Chionia and Piano on Sat for Jess! Throw in school and daycare and before you know it the week is over and another one is beginning. Loving work - my roster will be every Tues and Wed and then alternating the Friday crop nights with a Saturday each fortnight.

SM have picked up my Forbes Family blocks - they don't like my LO's but are picking up a lot of my otp stuff so pleased with that :) Been a busy beaver lately - 3Angels Scrapping have a DT member design a kit each month. June will be my month and here is a sneak peak of what I have put together ;)

Also a few of the DT LO's for you seeing I am a few weeks behind in here lol. Also some work for Di's too :)

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