Saturday, May 10, 2008


Photo's removed for publication in an upcoming Scrapbooking memories magazine :) :) :)

Mothers Day tomorrow - it is nice to feel loved! Jess invited me to morning tea at school on Friday where they had cooked scones with jam and cream for us. Sang songs and served us coffee etc..... She was soooo excited - the tables had been put together with flowers (we all got a beautiful bunch that one of the other mums had pt together for all of us. Then it was runaround time!!!

Started working this week and loving it!! Can you guess where?? Thats right at Di's - you will find me there most Tuesday's maybe Wednesdays and crop nights - slowly figuring out the computer - the biggest drama is the codes for everything......pmsl!!

This weeks DT work is cards or otp but I did both - a card for mum and some blocks which look stunning on my piano :)


ToBlogOrNotToBlog said...

Hi Mel... hope all is well.. I have misplaced your email addy and need to send you some layout pics :-)

Aline said...

Oh, beautiful projects!!
HAve a great week!

Natasha said...

Your work is so beautiful so beautiful

Sarah said...

love the cubes Mel,we really need to catch up!

silvercat said...

ohhh love those blocks!

amanda said...

wow wow wow at your MD card and omg at those blocks. Divine doesn't even start to cover how gorgeous they are.

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