Friday, April 25, 2008

What a busy week.

Thank goodness April is almost over!

I never did get back in here to update about Rottnest and since then Jess has turned 8 (OMG when did she get so old!!), we have had a sleepover for her and 4 friends combined with a party, spent 2 days cleaning up, Gary been sick and lost his voice, babysat gorgeous little Ben, had Shelby over for a sleepover and Emily for the day and yesterday was the first day of nothing (apart from Chionia's swimming lesson in which she got a merit certificate YAY) So what have you been up to!!!

OK lets start at the beginning!

Rottnest - just awesome, We arrived on the Thursday and the whole time we were there the weather was perfect - we even went swimming most days. Our chalet was located right near the bakery (less than 30 meters away) and for those of you who don't know the Rotto bakery has made a name for itself - yummmmmmmmmmmmmmm....... so brekkie was sorted most days lol. We had the most gorgeous little chalet - it was the middle of three units which were built for the prisoner guards accomodation and ours had a limestone entrance with a gate. Walk over the little road in front of our porch, down 21 steps and you were on the beach of Thompsons Bay. Perfect! Red rooster for tea which I must say was yukkk..... not much choice for takeaway at Rotto - at least the chips should be crisp not soggy..

Anyway Friday - we walked to the bike hire place and got a tag a long for Gary and Jess and I had a trailor for Chionia. The girls thought this was awesome!!! Trailor did not like big hills and was hard work! Took a ride around to the Geordie Bay and back again. In the arvo took the girls to a HUGE playground near the pub - they just loved the freedom that comes with being at Rotto.

Saturday - decided to go to Parakeet Bay - about 5kms from Thompsons Bay and a few huge hills in the way so Gary and I swapped bikes after Chionia'drove me nuts! Just got there and sent Jess down to the beach when she came back screaming she saw a snake - 4 foot Dugite!! I never remember seeing a snake at Rotto - we knew they were around but never saw one. So we had a look at it and let it wander back into the bush. Went a bit further around the corner and let the girls loose on the beach for an hour but then headed back to the chalet to watch Geelong footy game. Girls played at the beach and went to the pub for dinner - watch out for the seagulls though they will take off with your food if you don't keep an eye on it lol

Sunday - more bike riding - last day for bike hire so off we went to the lighthouse and then the opposite direction to Kingston barracks etc. Usual afternoon activities of playing at the beach in front of our chalet. Returned the bikes and then got ready to go fishing on the jetty - they caught a little herring and a few blowies. Visited by a big manta ray and eagle ray who reside in the bay :)

Monday - No bikes so decided to do the underwater tour of the bay where you get to see fish and shipwrecks. Quite interesting - it is a glass bottom boat so you all go downstairs - Chionia however did not last and we had to take her upstairs followed by Jess - seasick - once back on dryland back to the chalet and Chionia crashed within minutes of lying down poor thing rofl! She slept for a few hours while we had quiet time - once again down to our beach for a play where the girls made sand balls.

Tuesday - still with me!! Good on you :) Today was mini golf - Jess had a ball but CHionia only lasted a few holes before finding someones scoring card and at each hole she would sit down and "record" how many strokes it took us. too cute. Took the girls to the museum later and then back to that playground for a while before heading back to the chalet to get Gary and try and organise dinner - we ended up at a nice restaurant just before the pub. Home to pack

Wednesday - home again - must say was glad to be home although 10 loads of sandy washing wasn't nice. the weather changed the day we got back and it started to thunder etc - perfect timing and oh how I love MY bed!

Thursday 17th - My sisters birthday :) and spent the day getting ready for Jess's birthday and last minute presents etc.

Friday 18th :) :) :) HAPPY 8th BIRTHDAY Jess. Her present was still in the Aust post somewhere..... it arrived Tuesday - a little video camera some clothes and PS and Ninentendo DS games :) Quiet day as her party etc was the next day. FOrbes came over and wished her a happy birthday

Saturday - put the final touches on the pinata cake and cleaned and cleaned the house while getting food ready for the sausage/burger sizzle. Also due to the weather instead of being a pool party the girls all made an explosion album so had to make up their kits to do that. pick up balloons. Everyone had a great time - Payton, Shelby, Anna and Anniebelle all stayed the night - I went to bed at 12.30am and I think the girls were all asleep by 1am :) - some adults kept going though until the sunrose.....grr

Since then it has been clean up day, Mels babysitting service and finally a quiet day and a reasonably clean household. Today is Anzac day - Gary has been up early and gone to the Dawn service - later on I am off to see Twiddleybitz at the craft fair in Claremont and Telia turns 21 - Happy birthday sweetheart :)

Will do some proofing of the photo's from Jess's birthday and pop them up over the next day or two in the meantime here is some DT work :)

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