Thursday, April 3, 2008

Happy 3rd Birthday my Princess :)

Well my baby is now 3!! What a fun day she had :) We were up at 6.30am to give her her presents before school and daycare and so that she would have time to play with them and enjoy them instead of the usual rush around. Soooo excited with her "nintendo" - it is actually a Leapster game but with all the arguements we have had in this house with Jess's game we had to get one for her! SPoilt rotten - lots of clothes, a bouncy horse, spinny thingy, Lots of Dora gear blocks, backpack, fashion plates, book, viewfinder!

At daycare we took in cupcakes UN-ICED for the kids to decorate there. They also had a pass the parcel game and I took in crowns with glitter and foam flowers for them to make - Chionia had a ball :) Then a quick visit to say Happy 21st to Tom and back home to woodfired pizza and cake :) with all the family - I think at one point she did get a bit overwhelmed with all the presents all of a sudden BUT that quickly changed lol :) I think we tumbled into bed about midnight after everyone had gone and we had cleaned up :) Off to lunch today with mum and dad, my sister and little Ben, SIL Lisa and perhaps Maurs as well :)

Better make a move and get ready :)


Angela said...

Great job on the cake Mel. It looks like Chionia had a fabulous birthday and got very spoilt!!! And my goodness she looks so grown up!!!

Sonia said...

Wow Mel, looks like Chionia had a wonderful day! the cake looked fabbo! Well done :)

Jo said...

Your Dora cake is great Mel and I love that you took the un-iced cakes to daycare; the kids would have loved this!!!!

Happy Birthday Chionia; enjoy your "nintendo"!

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