Friday, March 30, 2007

WOW 998 Views!

OK So who is lurking! lol

Sorry another busy week but I was sick with who knows what and before I knew it the week has gone. Went to go to Di's to get some card for Jess's invites and just around the corner a ~12year had been hit by a 4wd. He wasn't in a good way and NO HELMET - I am sorry please make sure your kids wear helmets - there is a continual game of Frogger happening everymorning on Marmion Ave with kids this age no wearing helmets - I hope he will be ok.....

Just finished some stuff for the class demo tomorrow on Kaisers craft gear! THink I have done most of it already (hint see last weeks otp items! lol)

NIte all and take care - give your kiddies a hug - you never know what may happen to them.


Sarah said...

How do you get to see how many views you have??? lol tell me mel I wouldn't have a clue lol

btw you STILL haven't added me woman grrr lol

jodyg said...

I just thought I'd come out of the woodwork to say Happy Birthday Chiona!!

Anonymous said...

Hope that child is ok...what a horriable thing to see..

not sure what 'frogger' is but it dont' sound good!

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