Saturday, March 24, 2007


Where did that week go????

LOL - had three classes this week - plus last weekend - been a bit of a scrappy well hehe - girls being difficult in the morning - busy with work and classes and house stuff and.................. well you know!

Jess - good week at school - had the school disco yesterday where I face painted again and got all of Jess's friends - so not doing the butterfly again!

Chionia - starting to talk heaps and copy what you say - loves doing what we do - while making Donna's clock she was so happy playing hostess with kids plates and utensils she found in the kitchen. Very quick I think

Gary has gone on a fishing weekend to Dongarra. one person has caught a spanish mackeral and Gary has got a few big herring. (where is that Dhufish I am waiting for????)

Me - as I said a few classes and busy helping everyone else :)

Will let those of you know about CHionia's 2nd birthday monday week. - probably a BBQ here.

OK a few LO's and clocks!

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Sarah said...

Mel,my clock is awesome,thankyou!!!! Lol I should really do one myself huh lol btw can you add my link to my blog on here woman :P

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