Saturday, August 4, 2012

oopsy - was suppose to post this yeaterday!

I will use an excuse this time and family stuff has kept me very busy along with  a BHP contract and staff who are turning me grey!! Also had a few classes to teach the last couple of days at the True Blue Craft Fair here in Claremont showgrounds! (loved this - so good to get back to teaching!) Look at this range of papers!!!!!!!! Aren't they simply so bright and happy and playful!!!! Love them !!!!

OK - will post at some stage on the Helmar's blog but wanted to post this here so to inspire all of you Helmar fans!!! A couple of weeks ago we got the fantabulous papers from Susan Weckesser..... My girls instantly fell in love with them and to me they were screaming to be fussy cut up!!!!! Now they are fighting over what was going to be MY tool caddy - it is like a lazy susan and spins around! Chionia helped with the placement of some flowers!!!!

Lots of fussy cutting!!

Making sure I had every side of the tool caddy covered!

Ready to go
Time to glue - I simply dip my brush in water then into the Helmars Decoupage and craft paste and "paint" a side then pop on the paper and paint over the top again to seal it - works wonderfully well :)

 Finished project - I had a flower left over so made a very simple card that will be ready to go next time I have an unplanned birthday gift to give!!!

And the other sides!!!

For those of you who asked how I measure something up - all trial and error!! I get a rough outline of the "side I need" then work from there - this one is from the inside of the caddy - got the initial "whole bit" then placed it in position and made marks where to cut too for both sides and then the middle bit - once I had one side correct I could simply use one piece as a template for the other side!!

Enjoy!! I am off to cook up some Butter Chicken for tea!!
Happy scrapping everyone!

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Anonymous said...

So cute!
PS Congrats on the latest announcement;)

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