Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Not looking forward to

the next couple of weeks....

and it has all to do with Jess and school. :( I don't want to take her out of her school and relocate her. I am hoping with everything crossed that her teacher does not come back to teach her class. If she doesn't Jess can stay which is what we all want. I don't want to be purchasing new uniforms and running between 2 schools. I don't want to be doing this!! I shouldn't have to either......

After emailing our Member of parliament, education office, school and everyone else I haven't heard anything back from anyone :(

So do I take it the next step and contact the paper.....I don't know - I don't want to do this either but if it means it would result in what I am after then do I do it??

These holidays have gone toooo fast.. Easter break seemed to take forever but then all of a sudden I only had a few days to squeeze in a visit to mum and dad's in Dunsborough and tonight is a school night lol!!! Back to a routine I hope..... but only if the above happens I guess otherwise I will be juggling a whole lot more!!!

Dunsborough is wonderful to get away too... nothing like spending a few days in such tranquil surroundings.

The girls got dressed up in my mum's wedding dress (Chionia) and my nanna's wedding dress (Jess) - we did their hair in curlers and a little makeup before making an impromptu bouquet all in honour of the royal wedding.

We then went to a new maze just past Margaret River called....wait for it.... A-maze-n lol!!! Beautiful place - lots of thought and very Alice in Wonderlandish :)

The actual maze itself has 1.5km of paths.... and can be confusing!!! Lots of dead ends and it took us a little while!! THe cedar trees (walls!) were planted way back in 1994!!!

Once you find your way out of the maze you can then visit the gardens - there is a playground and more mazes and intriguing statues.

I also had a few photography lessons with dad. Dad takes the most stunning landscape photo's and he taught me a few things once I had worked my camera out and stopped hitting the wrong buttons to get my histogram!! Lots of long exposures and different shutter speeds to get different effects. Remembered to place the horizon not in the middle, get my "sweeping lines" and camera level with the horizon and then the processing part of it as well....I am still getting my head around Lightroom but dad also combines another program which then combines photo's etc!!! Lots of editing but the results are stunning and I am quite pleased with what I got :P These photo's I have just done in Lightroom - not the rest of editing that dad does lol First lot with the jetty is at Quindalup beach on sunset - busy beach ramp with people continuously coming and going - not good for long exposures lol!!

and then the next night we headed off to Meelup beach - once again busy!! Girls love going to the beach - searching the rock pools and playing - Mid Autumn here and the girls are in bathers at sunset!!!

And yes I have done a few projects over the break for Twiddleybitz and Graphic 45 - here is sneaky peak!!

Off to make sure school uniforms are ready, bags are packed etc etc.......


lwiese said...

Love the ones of Dad!

Anonymous said...

Mel I know how you feel, we had a terrible time at my daughters school and it ended up all ove the TV, we ended up winning but it was a long hard fight.........goodluck and stand up and fight for what you believe is right, your childs education is very important and she wont get another go at it :)

Jolaine Frias said...

Beautiful pictures!!!!!!

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