Monday, March 7, 2011

Time for it to sink in!

lol Still pinching myself about making the final 25 for Graphic 45 - with the early morning wake up call it didn't really sink in that I had actually made it and what it meant!! So what does it mean to me!! An honour that G45 chose me out of so much talent in the world (not just Australia!!) And when I went looking at the names on the list etc started to quietly poop myself and then doubt whether I was up to it rofl!

But can now say that I have finished 3 projects I LOVE and I believe reflect me and my style and what I can do and will be posting them off asap to the other side of the world with fingers and toes crossed and dreaming of making the DT :) :) :) Now to sit and wait eekk!!

So other news

Dad has started up a blog for his photography stunning photo's and if you want they are available for sale - just leave a comment and dad will get back to you!

Busy months ahead...Bali is coming up fast (YAY but oh no so much to do before then) - followed by Kalbarri in Easter, a trip to Brisbane in June, Sydney in July, it goes on!!

Into week 3 of the MIchelle Bridges program - doing well - working out 5 days a week ( I know we are suppose to do 6 and if it happens on the weekend it happens - just like yesterdays bike ride and today's beach walk!) foodwise - the recipes are yummy and it has only been a handful of times I have felt hungry or just wanting to not think calories and how long it would take to burn off!! Clothes are getting looser and with 4 more weeks to Bali I hope I will be another 4kg lighter again too!!!

A couple of weeks ago Rachel and I did a photography course in Fremantle prison with Imagetree - had lots of info and can now say I understand my camera a whole lot better and now taking photo's in manual not auto and loving editing them in Lightroom thanks to a tut by dad!! Here is a few from that day where we had models and then a couple I took at the beach last weekend of the girls using dad's camera and his flashes - lots of great photo's to work with now :) hehe ;)

Long weekend here today and cause I have been head down and bum up working on my Graphic 45 entries the house looks like a bomb has gone off - heading up to Bears Rock this arvo for some fishing etc along the beach so had best head off and crack the whip!!!


Rebecca Beattie said...

OH Mel, congrats on G45 you are an awesome talent and it is nice to see it recognised in such a way! You go girl. I've got all crossed for you to make the final team. xxxx

Marcy said...

WOW!!! top 25!!! YOU SHOULD BE PROUD OF YOURSELF YOU OBVIOUSLY EARNT THE SPOT with your talent just keep doin what you do!!!

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