Sunday, January 23, 2011

A new me

no more excuses and a bit more effort on my behalf this year..I have all sorts of wonderful things to look forward to such as Bali and Kalbarri Camp mojo and a wedding in Exmouth and another wedding in October where I will have to fit into a bridesmaid dress :)

So how do I go about it....well I have started this week - been very careful watching what I eat and substituting this for that etc and this morning I signed up for Michelle Bridges 12 week body transformation program

It is a start.....


Angela said...

Omg mel I just read the link and it sounds fab! I think you have motivated me to do it too! I do know what to do but often get side tracked or lazy! Need to be accountable! Good luck with it!!
Ange xx

Susanne Perry said...

Good luck Mel, sounds like an awesome 2011 coming up for you!

Anonymous said...

Go MEl!!! I looked at doing her program months ago, but couldn't justify the $$$ incase I didn't stick it out. It sounds very similar to the program I am doing from Annette Sym's Symply too good to be true books, she too provides recipes, shopping lists, nutrition and support vis video clips and reading material.. the only difference would be specific exercise regimes. I am keen to know what this program is like and to see how you go. Lets me on a weightloss journey together.

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