Monday, December 20, 2010

Time to sit back and relax and enjoy the hols :)

We made it :) Last week was a bit of a busy one with dance every day with 2 concerts on Friday and Saturday night followed by our Christmas do for my side of the family yesterday :) School reports, preprimary graduation and excursion

The girls danced beautifully even poor Chionia who got pushed down the stairs backstage on Friday and had a huge egg on her shin :( we just thought she was tired when she came on for her second dance but it was not long after she fell. :( The other girl didn't even have the manners to say sorry which I think stinks as she also denied it despite numerous girls who saw it...she just had a bee in her bonnet about something else...

Dancing over and done with for the year :)

Then it was onto secret santa presents - and what do you get 2 people who have everything???? Why 5 geese of course lol so Saturday morning off Jess, Chionia and I trot to pick up a cage from the quokka and then 5 geese and a quick stop at the pet shop for hay and food and settle them in at home.....needless to say we couldn't hide these from our secret santa so VOILA :) Mum and dad love them (I hope) and I do believe they have settled in well with the chooks :)

PS Have a look at the photo of mum getting her balance on the wall after the shock sets in hehe

Christmas lunch for our lot was here on Sunday - Flossie is making her appearance this week so we had it a week early :) Apart from a big bushfire not far from here which covered everything in ash and the weather deciding it was going to rain (held off till everyone left phew!) it was beautiful - not too many people so not so rushed and apart from the toy overload which happens and littlies have meltdowns :) we all enjoyed it very much :)

and then it was time to pack up the geese - get them back in the cage and ready for their trip to dunsborough... :) love the look on Damo's face as he walks away rofl and the tears in Miss Alice's eyes - a very big day for the little ones :)

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Bev said...

Hi Miss Mel. Sounds like you had a great time with the family (and the geese of course). Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and hope 2011 is a great year for you all. Would love to catch up with you sometime - hopefully before Camp Mojo.

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