Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Bold and the Beautiful....

well I think we have more drama around here than the soapie atm (lol and the last 3 months!!) The last couple of weeks

* we have had all testing done and passed with flying colours on the contract,
* Gary has been side swiped in his car with a hit and run driver - he is ok but the car is just holding in there with some gaffa tape....good news is we may have found the driver...........
* finally made it to school holidays so no more running around,
* Jess has done her Grade 4 Modern exam - now for her Grade 3 ballet in a few weeks.
* Grand final - OMG how can you just have another game.....TIME ON PEOPLE!!!!!
* only a few days left on this site variation of the contract and we may be done however they are talking more works......
* and I scrapped!!!!

This is for an upcoming class.....once I have details etc will post it up again in my class blog..

and this I created today just because I felt like....still tossing around idea's for a title....but just enjoyed playing with new GRAPHIC 45 and Twiddleybitz :)


:) Tiff said...

holy hell. all those details!!!!!

so much eye candy.

and I spot the good ol' gauze :OP

Wendy said...

This is amazing..I really love it!!!

Brigette said...

Absolutely stunning, love this range well love Graphic 45 fullstop.

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