Wednesday, May 27, 2009

MOthers Day and Waterbom Park

MOthers Day I was awoken by both girls clambering to give me their little gifts made at school..bread biscuits and handbag cards - love these gifts more than anything else - told the girls that my Mothers Day pressie was the trip to Bali so didn't want anything (heh apart from a few Pandora charms but would get when I saw ones I liked and meant something to me).

A lazy day - lots of time spent by the pool and we all had a nanna nap in the arvo - I had a short one - awoke to find everyone asleep (can't remember the last time Jess had a day sleep lol!) so I filled the bath up with lots of hot water and bubbles, poured myself a glass of wine or two with our duty free bottle and enjoyed an hour of soaking in the bath with a mag before Gary awoke :) Just perfect!!

Most of the Forbes crew had another birthday gig on that night so only Tom (Bianca wasn't feeling well so stayed at the hotel) and Jason joined us at the Kuta Steakhouse - awesome steak but can't say much for the rest of it hehe!! Whilst there some locals popped their head over the front barrier asking if we wanted cd's - ok I said lets have a look - 31 cd's later for less than a $1.00 each and some fireworks as well it was time for them to leave and dinner was served! Not before they took this photo for us - I was ready to run after them if they took my camera!!

After dinner we walked back down Poppies 1 lane and I scored 3 Pandora charms - a monkey, a spacer and glass bead :) A quick swim once back at the hotel and then to bed as tomorrow was Waterbom Park!

Waterbom park was just down the road from us so we walked....Last time Gary and I went there it had just opened and only half the park had been completed - now it is an amazing array of slides and pools and stunning gardens!! Jess couldn't wait to go on the biggest and fastest slides with Gary (not for me - I wasn't even sure of the Maccaroni Tube - half of which was in complete darkness although Chionia loved it!)

The kids playground was awesome - at the top of it was a huge bucket which repeatedly filled itself with water which then spilt over everyone!!

We left around 3 to go back to the hotel and have a little quiet time before going out for dinner at Jimbaran Bay - a quick ride in the maxicab organised by Roy - boys were on their bemo's! I would love to have a restaurant here in Perth with a set up like this! Just loved having seafood dinner on the beach with the sand between your toes. The second bombing went off about 500m down from where we were eating. Makes you think....Beautiful dinner although my welcome cup of tea had a mouldy bottom.....Gary and I ordered the king prawns....YUMMMMMMMMM all whilst watching the planes land and the sunset.

More to follow :)
XX Mel

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:) Tiff said...

what fantastic pics mel. everyone is so happy and the colour in them in just fabo.

I have thought for ages that your DH reminds me of Paul Snr in OCC on Austar.

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