Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Another birthday done and dusted YAY!!

I have but one excuse - another birthday!! This time Jess turned nine and wanted a sleepover like last year. So we made it a glamour photo shoot sleepover. Lots of nieces and aunties to help do 7 girls hair and makeup and then I took heaps of photo's of them all. :)

The request was hungry jacks for dinner so after compiling the girls orders into a sort of list Tom Bianca and Telia went and got them for us - bbq for us :) A beautiful cookies and cream Ice cream cake :) Singstar Abba went down a treat - loved this one hehe!!!

I put the lights out and tv off at 1.30am lol and 3 were still awake - little did they know Chionia would be waking them at 7am!!!! A few blurry eyes but straight into bacon and eggs and pancakes for brekkie followed bby a class in making their own canvas using a group shoot and photo of themselves on a canvas - they had loads of fun scrapping away with bling and flowers and Cricut word Memories but omg the mess!!!!! Oh and cuttlebug was a huge hit with them all!! A few knew it from school where Jess has taken it a few times and LOVE it:) Then we basically finished those and home time - phew!!!!! Needed a nanna nap in the arvo then fell to sleep with Jess on her mattress which is still in the lounge room.

Monday night we were childless.....OUr old gorgeous neighbours took the girls for the night - it was so quiet - so peaceful - so relaxing lol!! we had a wine up the road and then went to look at the new Hillarys boat harbour (been open a few months now.. ;) ) and went to a fabbo restaurant for dinner and the best thing - the next morning I could sleep in!!! Yay !! THanks guys much needed :)

Then back to reality - busy with work and work! and home life has been busy playing catch up after all these birthdays and do's! Jess took off today for a few days in Dunsborough with mum and dad - she couldn't wait! Me - some organising to do which I have just about sorted another YAY!! BRB Jess calling on the phone XX Nite all

lol and before I forget - TWiddleybitz has a new challenge set by Ellen Woodbridge - fantastic idea!!! Can't wait to see what you all come up with -


:) Tiff said...

what a great idea for the birthday girl. i may need to borrow the glamour photo shoot for my DH. I'll need to recruit some suckers (cough) I mean help for the hair and makeup. so not my thing.
so glad you had a night after to wind down.

Linda B said...

looks like fun :)
I play singstar with my 12 year old son, he loves ABBA

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