Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Mini Post.....

I have a 10 minutes till we walk out the door back to the school/daycare/work run!! YAY - not a bad school hols - Jess went to Dunsborough for a few days by herself which she loved but then got homesick. Then it was a week of sleepovers etc which resulted in one very tired girl by Sunday.

Maureen is still in hospital - more tests yesterday and we won't know the results of the biopsy until Thursday I think...The cancer has appeared in her spine with hot spots on her ribs. The biopsy is to double check that the cancer is cancer - a MRI was done last Friday but inconclusive due to fluid..

3 Angels Scrapping had a Girls Weekend In just gone - you can still go to their site and make a donation to the Cancer Council. We have 10 fabulous challenges you can purchase at $2.00 a challenge - mine is heartfelt journalling :) Felt good to get it down on paper.

Not much else - not much time for scrapping.

Chionia got a princess bed on the weekend and loves her new frills and mossie net over the top :)

ok time is up - must run find my shoes and off we go :) Take care all :)

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