Friday, January 18, 2008

And here he is :)

Benjamin Samuel :) Isn't he cute!!! I got to meet him this week although Jess and I had to wear masks and he slept the whole time we were there. He is being a good bub and sleeping and eating well and doing all the right things :)

Just realised I hadn't put Jess's dance costumes up - these were from her concert - Cinderella. Don't you just love the ragged curls :)

Some gorgeous photo's of Chionia after eating a chocolate icecream in Dunsborough and check out my brothers face of everyone at Xmas dinner! Love it Damo :)

Got my hair done today - ran out of time before Xmas and it needed doing - so now I am a dark brunette with a head full of blonde and red foils!!!! YUM Love it :)
OK nearly time to put bugalugs to bed - Jess is having a sleep over - I have a LO to finish - have a new kit to work on with some gorgeous papers and embellishments - just need to work out what to do with it all! lol

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Riss Plackett said...

Thanks Mel! There are some nicer photos of him here:

Without the mega squish face!! Hope you're feeling better - thank you for wearing the masks!

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