Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Live out Loud :)

Although Chionia has been the opposite the last couple of days with a gastro and several spews all over me - life as a mum is sooooooo glamorous (NOT!) ANyway with her clinging off one leg and playing with the Xmas icecube containers I stuck this down - Love the end result and the coins I got a few weeks back are just perfect!

Well school hols have started and Jess got a brilliant interim school report - Gary's birthday on Friday and we are going to Bears Rock then he is busy working and we will be here i guess! lol

Future dates ! 6th Gary's birthday and Good Friday, 17th Aunty Sissy's 30th! birthday and Jess's scrapping party, 18th Jess's birthday and 25th Telia's birthday - busy month for us!

Gotta run - Jess just cracked her toe on the brick corner of the pantry - Gary has her atm but I think it is bed time! Nite all HAVE A FANTASTIC EASTER - Stay Safe


Riss Plackett said...

Telia can not be turning 25! She's only a little flower girl!!!

jodyg said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE that LO Mel!! Those coins are phenomenal.

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